I had nothing to complain about, until one afternoon, weeks later, in a completely odd way, I stumbled across a newspaper article which described the social and economic situation of the Comoros Republic. The author blamed France. And at first, I didn’t understand it.

Then I read the entire article. And I started to shake from anger. And disappointment. And despise….


A few months ago, I had an interesting experience.

In my the small village I happen to go to every week, a big event was happening :  the children’s carnival. That day, the kids went on a parade across town, had lots of fun, smiled the whole time and jumped around. It was good. It was what I call a good tradition.

At the end of the day though, something happened, something I found way less fun.

Gilmore Girls and sex

I know things have been changing and that Gilmore Girls’ season 3 is getting older by the day – but I think it’s really important to acknowledge that it is a major mistake to try to delay the moment your teenager kid is going to have sex. Mostly because there is nothing wrong with it. What is wrong, though, in my opinion, is pretending it will never happen, or that it shouldn’t – like Lorelai is doing – instead of informing your kid about it and teaching the basics. 


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