Rubatosis was born in a cold night of november, when I was laying on my bed and suddenly came to the realization that my heart was beating surprisingly loud against my chest. I’ve always know I’ve had a heart, obviously, but it seemed like I had never noticed it before. Its steady relentless beat made me calm down and fall asleep. That night, it was like finding out I was a very human and alive thing, not a lost piece of shattered glass.

So the idea of having a space where my deepest, most intimate and secret thoughts could be grew in my mind. And there it was, Rubatosis, a heart beat that changed my perspective, forever.

This place will be wild and biased – but it will be honest.

I’m a French – kind of brazilian also – teenage girl, completely awkward when it comes to social life, shy, depressed at times, but determined to make my voice heard. Am I a liberal ? A conservatist ? A communist ? You’ll see, I’m just human and I hope, humane.