I feel pretty, aka an hymn to self-confidence

The pitch is pretty simple : a tiny bit « overweighted » new-Yorker girl who lacks self-esteem suddenly starts seeing herself as a Kylie-Jenner-body-typed person after falling badly in a gym class. Renee, the protagonist, begins to believe everyone sees her like that from that moment on, and even feels like she has to convince her friends not to run away from the super hot but total stranger girl she became to them when changing into « perfect woman ».

Then, a series of positive events happen : she meets a cute boy who will later on become her boyfriend, she’s hired as a receptionist in a beauty company on Fifth Avenue, and it feels like life is just smiling at her, wanting her success.

What Renee doesn’t realize, though, is that her appearance has not changed. At all. While she feels so powerful and fierce, and talks about herself like she’s the most fit, sexy, beautiful girl in the world and acts like she has turned into a supermodel, she’s exactly the same. She jus doesn’t know it. Nothing has changed, in fact.

Almost. This time, she has CONFIDENCE. Now that she has faith in her beauty, she does not see why the world would not be in her favour. She’s so confident about her appearance that she does not actually have to worry about it anymore, like she previously did. Instead, she focuses on everything else : at her interview to become a receptionist, she shows off her speaking and social skills ; with her date, she is funny and enjoys the moment. And everyone around her, everyone she meets, sees how cool it is to hang out with her, because she is pretty cool. She just could not show it to others before, as she constantly worried  about her face and body.

Of course, it has some bad aspects to it. Renee remains attached to the idea that people only gave her attention and opportunities because of how attractive she is. And when people such as her friends do not fit into this ideal of what is hot to look at, she assumes they will not be able to succeed like she did. At this point, to her, all that matters is appearance. Which makes her turn into an insensitive and snob person, to our dislike.

Why did the movie impress me so much ? On the one hand, it confirms how much self-confidence is the key to it all. Once you are confident about yourself, you can have time to be fun, have fun, learn stuff, act smart and enjoy life. Have you ever thought about the amount of time you spend trying to ‘fix ‘yourself in a lifetime ? By letting go of fears, you can actually live life at its fullest. Easier said than done, I know. I myself cannot remember the amount of experiences I had where I went to a party and was not able to enjoy it for I could not stop feeling self-conscious and comparing myself to others. I was never good enough, in my mindset. Such a waste of time !

On the other hand, the movie also reminds us of how much people judge out of appearances, and how superficial that is. Society tells us girls should be shaped in a certain way and there we are, trying to do fit into it at all costs, forgetting beauty is never everything. Worst of all, trying to make those closest to us fit that box, like Renee tries to sexualise her friends when she ends up considering they’re not ‘hot’ enough. Unfortunately, I can totally relate to that. I can’t remember when any of my friends said a plain « you look nice » in a picture. Instead, it has always been about what pose would look better, how I should smile and which funny faces I should erase.

So this is our time to change things. For our sake. We shall accept all body-types, all faces, all individualities. And not only accept them, but consider them beautiful. Gorgeous. Amazing. After all, how much better would the world be if we stopped focusing on our cellulite and instead, aspired to be ourselves – and only that ?


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